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Alumina ceramic defects should be how to deal with
Posted by:admin  Date:2013-6-26 3:51:24  Click:6888

In such a kind of alumina ceramics in the ceramic, porous alumina ceramic, of course, both of them in the structure is to be different, because of porous alumina ceramic surface definition is a lot in his pores, his material is very special. Specifically there will be Jiangsu Province Ceramics Research Institute for everyone to talk about this alumina ceramic defects.

He was not very good toughness and fragility are relatively high, often occur when we use the case of rupture, of course, for our use and production is to have a certain influence, production efficiency also significantly declined. Because the accuracy of porous alumina ceramics he is not very high, of course, this is because he has a lot of surface pores causes.
This is the accuracy of the material but also have a certain influence, when we produce the effect when he was not so good.

Jiangsu Province Ceramics Research Institute in the production he still has some flaws, and his face has a lot of holes, so we produced when making his request more, and this time we are in the production when he could not meet our needs, so we should pay more attention to the operator technology improves. Is simply so few, I hope that today's presentation can make everyone better to face alumina ceramic defects.(picture/text

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