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On the production of alumina ceramic
Posted by:admin  Date:2013-7-19 3:38:20  Click:6787

Simply alumina ceramic material is alumina his main, Jiangsu Province Ceramics Research Institute specialized alumina ceramic is generally used in a relatively thick circuit, his conductivity and mechanical strength and heat resistance are good , we are to use ultrasound to him for cleaning. Of course, he is more used in ceramics.

We can follow the alumina powder is not required to carry out the same type of molding is not the same. The use of technology to the hot molding powders, of course, he is not joining the binder, if also with semi-automatic or fully automatic dry pressing the powder may be concerned that his request is more special, we may be used for the spray granulation method to deal with. His method of forming alumina more, such as grouting, injection, extrusion and pressing, etc.

Not the same as the shape and size of the resulting complex structures and precision molding method we use is not the same. Because alumina ceramic material hardness of his will be higher, so since we will use a more rigid material for grinding and polishing process, like that is diamond, B4C and so on. Usually we are from coarse to fine for abrasive, and finally polishing.(picture/text

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